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На данной страничке я постараюсь отобразить ту информацию,

которая мне полезна при настройках и в работе с Win-Test.

Если она кого еще заинтересует, то я буду только рад!


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Bug Report

Win-Test промежуточные версии программы (требуется регистрация) и их релизКрайнее обновление прошло 05-Jul-2017 19:03 Revision: 725

Скачать с официального сайта версию 4.27.0-dev wt_dev.zip (требуется регистрация

C 16 января 2020 стала доступна полная версия 4.30.0 (требуется регистрация

Скачать с официального сайта full, 14 MB 

Скачать с официального сайта update, 6.5 MB

Новое в версии 4.31.0-dev revision 755 (27-May-2020 18:31) 

- Lua API version string is 1.5.0

- Lua : wtGlobal added.

- NRAU Baltic mults list updated. Tnx LB3RE.

- Lua : wtApp:PostMessage, wtApp:SendMessage and wtApp:GetLastError added. Tnx F6BEE for inspiration.

- Review of the exchanges databases files to prevent mixing different exchanges between contests. Also, if a contest uses only a part of a database file, the rest is kept untouched if the database is updated with Win-Test.

- Depending on the contest and, if it applies, whose side you're on (DX side or domestic), the callsigns from the master file (namely MASTER.SCP/DTA or HF.DTB) are filtered to display only relevant results in the Check Partial and N+1 windows.

- The master file in use can now be directly updated (like the CTY files) by using the Options / Data files / Master file menu.

- In the contest settings dialog, contests no longer taking place have been removed from the list.

- New REBOOT (or RESTARTPC) text command added. It closes the current log and restarts the host PC. Tnx F8CRH, F6BEE.  

- When the database is updated, a notification message is displayed at the bottom of log. Tnx DL6RAI.


Новое в версии 4.30.0


 - Bugfix : If the backup volume was unmounted, disabling the next backups was failing. Tnx F6HJO. (Task #388)

- HA DX contest rules updated. Tnx HA6OI, HA1AG, F5LIW and others.

- UFT contest rules updated. Tnx F6CEL.

- Bugfix : Under some specific circumstances, the Single-Op Assisted category wasn't taken into account when importing such a Cabrillo file. Tnx TO1A.

- Bugfix : With multi monitors systems and under some specific circumstances, choosing colors with mouse was impossible. Tnx KL0R.

- Bugfix : The headers row was always included in the CSV output file, whatever the setting was. Tnx F5LIW.

- Yaesu FTDX101 added. Tnx RA1ANY, RA3AUU.

- Icom IC-9700 added. Tnx F1ULQ.

- WAEDC : Cabrillo output file upgraded to v3 specs.

- Bugfix : The LCD display of the contest recorder wnd wasn't always properly updated when using a language different from English.

- WAEDC DX side : Send QTC dialog (Ctrl-L) now displays the maximum available QTC to send (if any). You can modify the number of QTC to send, or only display the already sent QTC, with F9 (or the "QTC / Show sent" button). F8 allows to modify the recipient   callsign.

- QSO and distinct callsigns counts added in the distinct callsigns report when sorted by country.

- "Copy" button added to the log check dialogs, allowing to easily paste reports in a spreadsheet.




Порядок обновления Win-Test

Win-Test development nightly builds directory

 You must have an official WT release (even trial) installed to use these versions. 

Please follow these instructions :

 1/ These nightly builds are *ONLY* usable in English (*).

 2/ Download the zip file

 3/ Unzip its content (wt_dev.exe and release.txt) in your current WT directory

 4/ DO NOT RENAME this wt_dev.exe

 5/ To use (test) this version, start it from the WT directory or create a shortcut.

 6/ In all cases, DO NOT DELETE your current "official" WT version.


 Disclaimer : These are dvpt versions, thus they may still include bugs etc...


 (*) If you currently use another language for WT, change it to English with your current version before using the dev version.